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“Exceeded Their Usefulness”

And this is the arrogance of our leaders we battle as Elbert County Citizens:

I post this because as you see, if you do not belong to their little “club”, you have “exceeded your usefulness” to them.  And no Elbert County citizen that is for smart growth, that is for retaining our rural western way of life, that wishes to save our lifeblood (water), well, you will never be appointed to any county board, committee, or commission as long as they are in charge.  You are nothing, and you will stay that way.  You are in their machines way.  They only want friends, developers, investors and greedy puppets alongside so they can carry out their mission of stripping this county of its identity and resources.  County Commissioner Chris Richardson made that very, very clear now, didn’t he?

And so we fight.  We fight big money interests that are driving these leaders of ours.  We fight the contemptuous and condescending arrogance of our leaders like you hear in the video.  We fight greed.  We fight their incompetence and we fight their agenda to overdevelop Elbert County.

This isn’t North Korea, old Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union or mainland China – this is OUR Elbert County!  Help us fight this dictatorship and help us save Elbert County and our western way of life – consider a donation as we continue the fight in 18th Judicial District Court.

Chris Richardson Elbert County