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Here’s information on Colorado water, special districts with power of eminent domain, the 920 PUD Independence application, traffic studies, raw sewage treatment facility documents and more.  This page will constantly be updated.

On-Site Raw Sewage Treatment Plant (poop for 920 homes and close to 3,000 people) – “WAS (waste activated sludge) from the SBR (sequencing batch reactor) basins will be pumped to an aerobic digester for further degradation of organics and stabilization of biosolids prior to disposal off site.”

Independence Traffic Study – “The site is projected to generate about 9,922 vehicle-trips on the average weekday, with about half entering and half exiting during a 24-hour period.”

Denver Basin Aquifer – A map of the under ground water in the Denver Basin Aquifer (deep, but not as big as you think).

Independence Overlay District Service Plan – (final, pdf)

Independence Water & Sanitation District Service Plan – (final, pdf)

Independence Subdivision Improvement Agreement – (final, tif)

Independence Subdivision Improvement Agreement – (final, pdf)

Colorado Statute on Final Plat Approval – (Link)


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