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Stop Over Development Elbert County (SOD Elbert County) is a group of concerned citizens committed to educating the public for the preservation of natural resources and wildlife in Elbert County.  We operate as an educational organization under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Service.

As our population grows, so will the impact and pressure on our land. Conserving adequate open space for healthy communities, economies and our environment will be of paramount importance in the years to come.  The landscape around us has changed and will continue to change as the Colorado population expands.  Rural farm, ranch and timberland held in Colorado families for generations are being subdivided and sold in smaller parcels.  Many of our citizens  are becoming increasingly detached from any type of meaningful connection to nature or the outdoors.  Working cooperatively with private landowners, local governments, business leaders and other partners will be essential in addressing these challenges.  Our group hopes to educate people in ways to preserve some of our rich, rural lifestyle and protect the current wildlife while they still inhabit our terrain.

People love Colorado. Our iconic mountains, rivers, minerals, weather, Eastern Plains, rural communities and wildlife draw people by the millions to our beautiful state.  Colorado’s population has swelled from 1 Million in 1930 to over 5.5 Million today.  The State Demography Office reports: “Elbert County will have the highest growth percentage from 2016 to 2050 (162 percent), growing from 26,069 residents to 68,375 by 2050.”  Sustaining any level of growth requires Elbert County to keep all rightful owned water in our county.  With this pace of projected growth, how do we preserve what we love about Colorado, and more importantly Elbert County?  One of Stop Overdevelopment Elbert County’s main missions is to educate our county citizens, developers doing business in Elbert County, and our own local lawmakers about Colorado’s Water Plan and other conservation programs.  SOD is all about smart growth, not overdevelopment that taxes our limited resources.

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Helping to save our water, property rights and western way of life