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SOD Elbert County on Channel 7 News“Independence” interview on Channel 7 News with Jaclyn Allen.

Stop Overdevelopment Elbert CountyWelcome to the Stop Overdevelopment (SOD) Elbert County Website!

We’re a group of concerned citizens primarily from Elbert County with many members from neighboring Douglas County.  We are AGAINST overdevelopment in Elbert County.  We are FOR protecting our citizens, water, property rights, and our rural “western” way of life.  We are FOR “smart” growth in Elbert County.

Currently we are in a fight with an aggressive developer, deficient county commissions and entities that can condemn land and take it.  The 920 PUD (planned unit development) formerly called Bandera, now called Independence is directly in our sights at this time.

To our group it was no surprise when the Elbert County Planning Commission voted 7-0 FOR Independence on July 18th, 2017.  It also wasn’t a surprise to anybody in our group that the 3 member Board of County Commissioners voted 3-0 FOR the Independence Application on September 7th, 2017. We had no reason to believe (however wishful) that these votes would be anything than par for the course for anything involving Elbert County. We’re used to it around here.

We are now challenging several points to the application and process legally.  Moving forward at this point, lawsuits, attorney fees and due diligence costs can only be paid in “hard” money.  And this is why we are asking for the good citizens of Elbert and Douglas County’s help.  Please consider a donation to SOD Elbert County, a non-profit organization fighting the 920 PUOD (planned unit overdevelopment) in Elbert County, thanks!

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